About GTSA


GTSA was founded to help provide the City of Gunter a recreational sports organization that also maps with city growth initiatives.  For many years, volunteers and city administrators have worked hard to give the young citizens a place to compete and learn life skills that sports can provide.  We believe that it is time to take the local recreational sports programs to a new level that will meet or exceed what other local communities are providing.

The first step in this endeavor is to increase the quality of the current baseball field situation and work with city officials, in a cooperative manner, to achieve constant improvement.

The principles and volunteers under GTSA have children that are heavily involved with recreational sports.  GTSA personnel have a history of working with local organizations, partnering communities, and on the facilities themselves.


GTSA has been awarded the contract manage the baseball fields next to Gunter Elementary in accordance with City of Gunter rules and regulations.  GTSA member involved have, within the last year, repaired the fields and conducted proper lot drainage changes and upkeep of the landscape.  GTSA, along with volunteers and parents who have children that utilize the fields, have a vested interest to make continuous improvements with the City Administration’s approval.

All principles come from background in local business, federal and government operations, recreational sports commissioning, volunteering, coaching, military, and other experiences that will help drive Gunter Tiger Youth Sports to the next level.


The Gunter Tigers Sports Association is postured to become a highly-reputable and efficient youth sports association.  Working with the City of Gunter and its citizens, we will strive to provide the best opportunities to young members of our area.  There are challenges ahead, but they can be identified, mitigated, and overcome and there is no better team in place within GTSA to address them and make the entire city youth sports program initiatives better.

We look forward to working with the community and would like to thank everyone who has gone before us in this endeavor.