Gunter Texas Baseball and Softball Fields

Gunter Texas Baseball and Softball Fields


Gunter Baseball and Softball Fields

So as the time is running along, we are heavily in the process of working on the Gunter Baseball and Softball Fields here in Texas.  We just recently scalped the baseball fields and layed down some seed so that we get some healthy growth back.  The batting cage netting was removed and new ones are on the way, which is huge for the safety of our players.  We would like to thank everyone who assisted in the maintenance and we look forward to benefiting from the hard work soon.

Layout and Improvements

The biggest differences you will see this year will be the increase of quality of the fields themselves, which will tremendously help our recreational baseball and softball programs.  We are using the weather, to the best that we can, to identify drainage issues and where we need to smooth out the infields and outfields.  The drainage has been the biggest issue for some time, but we are getting a good grasp on solving that issue.  Along with fixing the drainage, we are cleaning up the weeds and other foreign objects to help ensure player safety.

The next improvement you will see is that we are adding an additional inline baseball cage that will give us two additional lanes for batting warm ups.  Both the Helton and Scott Roofing Ball Field (small field) and Eagle Mortgage Ball Fields (large field) will have their own batting cages for pre-game warm-ups and other benefits.  Both batting cages will also have new nets.

A concession platform is currently being laid out as well, along with a storage area.  The City of Gunter, along with the Economic Development Council and other board organizations have approved the project at the Gunter Baseball and Softball Fields.

The other pieces you will see will be the removal of the storage closets located in the Eagle Mortgage Ball Field dugouts so that parents can get a good line of sight of their kids in the dugouts.  This will definitely help add to the opening of the large field in regards to visual line-of-sight.

What’s next for Gunter Youth Sports – Baseball and Softball

Registration will begin for baseball on December 1, 2018.  To get to the information page about the registration, please click HERE in order to get more information.

Bored and want to Volunteer?

Go visit our “contact us” page and hit us up.  We are always looking for help.